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Before you can rent out your property, you’ll need to ensure it reaches standards expected of rental properties across Australia, and that it complies with frequently changing legislation in Victoria & New South Wales. Elders Real Estate is up-to-date with all standards and legal requirements, and will offer specialised advice so you can fulfill these obligations and attract quality tenants and a consistent, reliable rental income.

General Cleaning
Please ensure that the property is cleaned throughout.  A landlord is obligated to see that the property is ‘reasonably clean’ for a new tenant.
Your Elders Property Manager will then prior to a new tenant taking possession, complete a detailed entry condition report.
The condition and cleanliness of the property is recorded and provides a benchmark for the tenancy.  This ensures the condition and cleanliness of your property is maintained when the tenant vacates.

Carpet Cleaning
It is recommended to have carpets professionally cleaned prior to a new tenant taking possession of a property.
Your Elders Property Manager can then record the carpeted areas being professionally cleaned and will ensure they are returned to the same standard at the end of each tenancy.

Please ensure all lawns are freshly mowed and edged.  The tenant will be required to maintain the lawns throughout the duration of the tenancy.
It is a landlord’s responsibility to clean gutters and prune shrubs and trees throughout the duration of a tenancy

Oil Stain Removal
It is preferred that driveways, carport and garage floors have any surface oil removed.  We can then record these areas as being free of oil.  If there is oil present at the final inspection, your Elders Property Manager can obligate the tenant to remove it.

Air Conditioners & Heaters
Air conditioners and heaters should be serviced once every two years before the warm weather starts. Reverse cycle air conditioners require filters be in place and be clean.

Termite Checks
We recommend that termite checks be conducted once per calendar year.  Regular checks help protect your investment from unwanted damage. It is an owner responsibility to ensure that this has been done.  If you wish for your Property Manager to arrange this inspection, then you need to give your Property Manager written instruction as to what you need done to the property.

Before your tenant moves into your property you should disconnect any utilities that have been connected in your name. Your tenant will be required to reconnect the utilities before they move in. Likewise, if you have mail sent to your property’s address, you’ll need to organise a mail redirection order at any Australia Post branch.

Rainwater Tanks
Regulations require that drinkable water (‘potable’ water) be available from a property.  If the rainwater tank provides the main source of drinkable water you are required to ensure water is of drinkable quality.

Personal Items and Furniture
Please do not leave any personal items of value at the premises that are not part of the tenancy.
We highly recommend no items of furniture etc. be left for tenant use (with the exception of free standing robes etc.)

You’ll need to supply keys for all locks to us, including window keys, garage door keys/remotes and shed. We need to provide each tenant with a set of keys and we also permanently hold at our office.