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Rent must be paid in advance at all times.  Failure to do so could result damaging your next rental reference

Condition Report: You have 3 business days to add comments to your condition report and then return it to our office.  If this is not completed then the original condition report (without comments) will be used as the outgoing condition report.

Smoking is NOT permitted inside the rental property at any time

Smoke Alarms must be reported immediately if there are any faults.  Detector Inspector or another smoke alarm service company will contact you during your tenancy and require access to the property to service the smoke alarms.

After hours Maintenance – for any urgent maintenance after hours please call the office number and a on call property manager will assist you.  If the phone is not answered immediately please leave your contact details so we are able to call you back.

Maintenance:  For all urgent maintenance please call the office immediately.  For any non- urgent maintenance please email your property manager.

Insurance: The landlord or Elders Real Estate does not take out contents insurance on a tenants property.  You must take this out yourself.

Lawns and gardens; Must be maintained regularly.  In the summer months it is expected that all plants, shrubs and trees are also water regularly.

If at any stage you change your email address or phone numbers you must notify the office as soon as possible.

If you wish to change/transfer the tenants at the property you must contact your property manager prior to any changes.  The landlord will need to agree to these changes

Lease Break – if you are wanting to vacate the property prior to the end of the lease you must email your property manager.  There are fees associated and you will be required to pay rent until a new tenant is found or the end of your lease – whichever is first.

There are no unregistered cars to be parked at the property or out on the street in front of the property.

Routine Inspections: Your property manager will inspect the property 3 months after you move in and then every 6 months after.  If the inspection date/time doesn’t suit then we are happy to move the inspection to a date/time (business hours) that does suit you.  We do require 48 hours notice of this change.  Please note that there will be photos taken at the inspection, however, these photos are only used as a report to the owner.  The owner may also be at the inspection .

Keys: If you lock yourself out of the property after hours you will need to call a locksmith.  If you lock yourself out of the property during business hours please call our office and we will assist you.  If you change any locks at the property a duplicate key must be supplied to the office.