Adding Value Before Selling

If you are thinking about selling now, you probably don’t have time to completely renovate the kitchen and bathroom. So what can you do to make your house more valuable to buyers without spending much money or time?

An exciting and simple way to increase the appeal of your house is Home Staging. You might have heard that putting on a fresh pot of coffee or baking can add a certain welcoming feel to a house, but if your garden is a mess and your walls are canary yellow then buyers will be running the other way regardless of coffee smells.

Home Staging is the science of making cosmetic changes to make your home as appealing as possible to as many people as possible. It’s a little different to Interior Decorating because the aim is not to tailor the look to your tastes. Instead keep a lower budget and make changes that will generate the best return on investment and appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

Some important considerations:-

1. Street appeal – you need browsers to come along to the open inspection and come inside to see how great your property could be for their family 198822
2. De-clutter – ensure that would be purchasers can see the home and not be blinded by your belongings
3. Repair, Replace, Renew and Update – tired and old is not appealing to purchasers.
4. Minimalise – move out excess furniture
5. Modernise – particularly your kitchen and bathroom – even the latest trends in linen and accessories can update dramatically
6. Clean, clean and clean again
7. Depersonalise – some personal tastes can get in the way of a successful sale
8. Neutralise your colours
9. Budget Bedroom-decorating-with-red-rugs-and-red-pillowsshop for products and staging accessories
10. Set the stage for the open house show – arrange each room for maximum impact – consider lighting inside and views from windows

Some lower cost ideas which can work wonders are:-

• Put in a new letterbox
• Put up a new front fence
• In old homes, rip up tired carpets, sand and polish the floorboards
• Add new light fixtures, lampshades, doorknobs
• Put in a barbeque area

Most of the ideas are common sense but combined together they will really improve the appearance inside and out, making it easier to attract buyers and yielding an excellent return on your small outlay.

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